WICC, Wageningen International Conference Center, is located at the
Lawickse Allee 9, 6701 AN Wageningen

· Orquesta Typica DiverGente led by Gerard van Duinen
· 2 sets of listening and dance music
· Ballroom of Wageningen International Conference Center
· Dance floor is illuminated by chandeliers
· Separate places are reserved for listeners
· New tango clothing from Jelena-D
· Used tango clothing for a small price
· Free parking around the building
· Admission € 15, including 1 consumption

Tango Divergente is a big tango orchestra like the Orquesta Typica’s that played extensively in Buenos Aires in the 40s and 50s.
The orchestra consists of more than twenty amateur musicians from all over the country. In addition to the traditional line-up of bandoneon and accordion, (alto) violin and cello, piano and double bass, the group also has a wind band (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone) and a passionate singer.

The rich orchestra sound of Tango Divergente fits perfectly with the melancholic and compelling repertoire of the Argentine Tango.
During this milonga, the orchestra will take you into the spheres of the various tang periods. With classics such as El Choclo and Milonga Triste we go back to the very beginning of the tango. And with the compositions of Julián Peralta you can hear the urban madness of Buenos Aires today. Of course there is also a tango from the unsurpassed Astor Piazzolla on the program.

The orchestra is conducted by bandoneon player and composer / arranger Gerard van Duinen.

A wide-screen photo of the room

Wageningen International Congress Center (WICC)is located near the center of Wageningen.
The combination of a luxury 3-star hotel, private parking and a refined restaurant means that they can provide guests with all the comforts.
WICC was updated at the beginning of 2018 and has undergone a trendy makeover. The WICC is now a place where experience and feeling are also reflected in the interior.
Guests can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine in an intimate atmosphere at Restaurant Beau.
You can relax in one of the 208 hotel rooms.
WICC is known for its personal attention and unlimited hospitality.
"We look forward to welcome you in our new terrace room on April 19th!"