Argentijnse Tango Wageningen: Adelante






The lessons will start again at 6th March 2024 at ONO, Kortenburg 4, Wageningen

The lesson price is €100 per person for the series of 10 lessons.
The first lesson is a trial lesson and is free.



Students get 50% discount.
Why? We would like to welcome new and youg people in our Tango-society, together with Arnhem and Nijmegen


Where do the lessons take place: click here



You put your first tango steps directly under the inspiring coaching of the dance teachers. In the first lessons you will become acquainted with the basic step ("Paso Basico") of the Argentine tango. Based on clear instructions and relevant exercises, we will teach you the basics of Argentine tango.
With constant attention to the essence of dance, you can quickly shape an exciting improvisation dance, which can be the Argentinian tango.

(Semi) Advanced

In this course we pay a lot of attention to a good close embrace. In this position, we first thoroughly redo the previously learned movements.

You increase your possibilities and creativity in dance. Because you will refine everything you have learned so far, it will deepen your dance. After this course you can with confidence go to a salon, in Wageningen, elsewhere in the country or (far) beyond.



Attitude, dynamics and precision are an important basis with the aim of being able to dance the movements smoothly with minimal effort. New dance movements and variations in the sequence of movements are discussed. By exploring the possibilities of dance movements yourself, we encourage you to develop your own creativity in dance together with your dance partner.

The weekly courses consist of 10 lessons of 60 minutes each.
We start the lessons with a warming up and usually repeat the topics from the previous lesson, after which we offer new material.
We complete the lesson by bringing together what we have learned and the opportunity to practice and dance. The following group uses this time to warm up by dancing.

Of course during the lessons we give the group as a whole attention, but also personal attention to the couples.
For us, pleasure first! You recognize that in our lessons through the dedicated and relaxed way in which we teach and in which humor certainly is not lacking.


Enjoy a night out, time for each other, meet friendly people and learn to dance?


The Argentinian tango offers you all this. Get acquainted during our free trial lessons and experience the essence and pleasure of the dance of life.

Argentijnse Tango Wageningen: Adelante