We are going to start a new series of lessons on March 6th, 2024!





We're going to start classes again, starting at March 6th 2024!
The lessons take place at a different location than usual.

Look for the lessons at 'Lessons'





Welcome to Tango Wageningen: Adelante

Put your worries aside and leave everything for a moment at Tango Adelante.
In our lessons we take people on a journey on the path of the Argentine tango.

With simple movements, we guide the participants in the improvisation dance which is Argentinian Tango and then continue to expand the range of tango movements and creativity.
But in the first place: having fun while learning and being together with each other.

For us, the essence of Argentine tango is meeting the other in music.
A tango dance can look great and spectacular, it does not mean that a dance with small and simple movements is a less pleasant dance.
In fact: when you are paying attention to yourself and your partner, that simple dance can be very special.
Exactly in the Argentine Tango everything comes together. Feel, connection, grace, contact.
The couple moves in harmony, reflected in the rhythm in the leader and in the sensuality of the movements in the follower.
Dance experience or a good physical condition are not necessary.
Facets that we practice in all the lessons are tuning in, attitude, movement, the embrace (dance position), rhythm, dynamics, musicality, creativity, types of music and various styles within tango.

The goal is to enjoy; of the music and of the mutual embrace, taking into account the space on the dance floor and in harmony with the other couples.


Argentijnse Tango Wageningen: Adelante